Newton Calculator for Apple Watch

The iPhone and other iOS devices do have tons of calculator app ready for download, the next device of Apple the Apple Watch so far has limited apps available, most of the apps came from huge tech companies. Developer Vatche Sahakian is already gearing his tech lab for the unveiling of what we may consider as the first calculator for Apple watch.

Apple Watch Calculator app

Newton Calculator for Apple watch, this calculator has a version already available for iPhone and now it’s coming to Apple watch, according to its description the Apple watch is a voice and touch based calculator with unit conversions and common physical constants. If you are going to need some calculations right away the Newton Calculator could come in handy.


An advanced calculator app for the Apple Watch that is voice and touch based.


  • Full calculator keypad
  • In addition to advanced voice input, the app provides a numeric keypad.
  • Unit conversions
  • Support for calculations that mix units.


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