Newton MicroChip – will power AndroidWear Devices?

There are reports that a new micro chip created by a Chinese company will power the Google wearable devices such as Google smartwatch, the new chip manufactured by Chinese company Ingenic, dubbed Newton is Android compatible based on the MIPS architecture, the chip is said to make wearables last for at least 30 hours of battery life. The new microchip do have a lot of features including a dedicated 2d graphics engine, has the capability to support 3 GB RAM, connectivities such as WiFi, Bluetooth and sensors such as 3 axis gyroscope, acceloremeter and magnetometer.


Moto 360 smartwatch powered by AndroidWear OS

We don’t know if this is going to be released in the market or perhaps already in the Google wearable devices but one thing is for sure there will be a lot of new range of devices for wearables if manufacturers will develop more miniature chips to power wearables, based on the report Intel is already in the frontline of its Edison chip for wearables.

Now manufacturers as well as developers are rushing in to the wearable technologies as word spreads that this might be the next big thing, it will be a billion dollar industry, that companies must tap in to make a profit.

Ingenic is a semi conductor company from Beijing most of their products are based on MIPS architeture, their products XBurst-1 is powering millions of devices ranging from tablet computers, portable media players, digital photo frames and GPS devices.

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