Octopus Smartwatch – Training Watch for Kids Full Specifications

This might be the most useful smartwatch for kids, more than just social notifications and fitness sensors, or a watch to track the location of your kids. This watch is a training tool to make your kids more independent as well as learn to manage their time and follows the schedule.

Octopus Smartwatch – Training Watch for Kids Full Specifications

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Instead of just plain text and HD graphics, the Octopus smartwatch showed notification alert to kids with a cool icon graphics. With this presentation the kids can easily understand the message, for example if it’s time to eat, the watch shows a food icon or its time to brush their teeth or do their chores the watch shows an icon image. It’s a pretty useful watch, where parents can monitor the activity of their kids via an Android or iOS app as well as giving kids the trust and teach them to become independent and learn the concept of time management.

The watch is intended for 3 to 8 years of age and will surely going to be a huge hit for parents and kids, based on its kickstarter goal seems like the watch is a big hit for parents as $50,000 goal is now $371, 620 and still counting. If you are interested check it out on KickStarter Octopus Smartwatch on KickStarter

Size: 34 x 38 x 13 mm

Storage: 600 icons

Bluetooth: 4.1

Power: Up to 96 h

Color: OLED display

Haptic Feedback

Magnetic Charger

Water Resistant IP65

Weight: 18g

Available Colors: Blue Sky, Lemon Green, Pink Candy, Dark Grey

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