OneWatch – Is OnePlus Going to Launch its own Smartwatch?

Another tech player want to enter the arena and join the war for smartwatch a report from BGR.IN shows that OnePlus the maker of high-end budget phones will also introduce their own smartwatch this year or next.

According to the report OnePlus will name their smartwatch OneWatch, the smartwatch will look similar to Moto360, it has a rounded design and its strap will house the curved battery that will be charged using the Qi wireless charger. It will have an OLED display and will used sapphire glass. So far no words on the operating system if it will run Android Wear or just a tweak Android or maybe Tizen.


One thing is for sure the market for smartwatch is getting crowded as months pass by. What do you think will OneWatch going to be a contender or not? Anyway we are excited to see the possible smartwatch of OnePlus, just like its other devices we are pretty sure that this smartwatch will be lighter in your pocket probably ranging from $100 dollars to $150 making it very competitive compared to other smartwatches. So stay tuned and let see if OnePlus can pull this off.



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