Optiscan –QR Code Scanner for Android Wear

Looking for a fast QR code scanner for Android and Android Wear? Check out the Optiscan, one of the best QR code scanner for your phone as well as Android Wear, it has a fast detection algorithm making you create QR codes fast, create QR codes for Contacts, Emails, URLs, Plain Text, Locations, Phone numbers, SMS, Events, and even WiFi.

Scan QR codes fast, and share it to your friends, the Optiscan do have a lot of features including the option to store the history of QR codes created and scanned for easy recall. So far the app is easy to use and no worries about using it as it has a direct approach UI that is easy to understand even in the first use.

Now the Optiscan added support for Android Wear, with it you can now push your QR code to your Android Wear device, bring all the QR codes right on your Android Wear watch, easy payment, easy processing.


Optiscan (Playboard) | Optiscan (Play Store)


  • Scan almost any QR code fast and share the content quickly
    • Save specific QR codes for quick sharing – perfect for sharing your business card!
    • Android Wear compatible – send QR codes straight to your watch for easier scanning!
    • Keep a history of QR codes created and scanned for easy recall
    • Select only the contact details you want to send, so the right people get the right information.
    • Found a QR code on the web? You don’t need two devices. Save the image to the photo gallery from your browser – and Optiscan will decode them for you!
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