Paypal apps for Androidwear – Wallets on Wearables

Paypal is one of the companies that is very active in releasing apps for almost every platform, the Paypal app last entry for wearable is for Tizen platform for Gear2 and Gear 2 Neo and now it announces that it will be available for, so far it is one of the first six apps for Androidwear.

“Android Wear is “designed to be simple, glanceable and built on micro-interactions.”  For us at PayPal, this allows us to further accelerate our pace of innovation, we can design once and quickly tailor to support new wearable devices as they Androidwear come to market.”

According to Paypal the app will allow owners, to check-in to pay at local stores, redeem offers, and receive payment notifications while on the go, I think it is really going to be the year of the wearable this year as more apps for smartwatches are available for the public, Paypal really will be one of the top apps so far for the users when the Androiwear smartwatch will be release to the public.

Paypal on AndroidwearPaypal app for Androidwear 2

Just like its app for Gear2, users can go anywhere pay to restaurants, check their accounts on their smarwatch fast and easy, what do you think? Are you looking forward for the Paypal app for Androidwear?


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