Pear Sports Fitness Training App for Gear S2

Great news to all fitness fanatics with Gear S2. Pear Sports has launched a fitness app for Gear S2. The app is a real time coaching app it provide data on your fitness routine in relation to the built in heart rate of Gear S2.

Pear Sports on Gear S2

Pear Sports is a popular fitness tracking app that offers services for running, cycling, strength training and other fitness related activities. It also offers premium subscription to users who would like to have more options and features for their fitness routine. If you are interested you can download the app at the Galaxy/Gear app store. Note: you still need your smartphone to be able to make it work.

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  • Pzlo

    ​Please note that while the Gear S2 is compatible with most Android 4.4+ phones, Pear Sports & its app will only work in conjunction with a Samsung Galaxy Phone (As it requires the Galaxy App store, which is not installable on other phones). A huge miss on their part as a large part of the Gear S2 user base are not using Samsung phones.