Pebble boasts its achievement, 1 million smartwatches Sold

I guess many people already counted the Pebble out in the wearable war, as many says that Pebble is the DOS of yesterday and Android Wear and Tizen is the Windows GUI of today.

Pebble Steel Smartwatch

Well they were wrong as Pebble still keeps on going, Pebble announces that they reach a milestone in smartwatches, Pebble has sold 1 million smartwatches already. Although Pebble smartwatches do have a primitive UI and retro graphics still it’s a hit for the smartwatch fans with its support for iOS and Android OS, its several days of battery life that twice as much as Android Wear and Tizen is a great feature.

We will never know if until when can Pebble compete with the leading wearables such as Tizen and Android Wear, especially that Apple smartwatch is coming, but one thing is for sure the fight for wearable is going to be much harder for Pebble.

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