Pebble Steel Smartwatch– A Touch of Class

Pebble Steel I think is the only watch designed to be a smartwatch that can be both used in office and in casual days, it looks great especially with its brush stainless steel watch band or if you prefer you go leather , unlike the rest of the smartwatch with the exception of Moto360, most of them are designed to be sporty, with the Pebble Steel, your watch has a traditional look, classic beautiful metal watch, this designed who love to have a smartwatch will be able to wear it in the office as well meetings without ruining your formal attire. Yes the Pebble Steel passed our aesthetic review, so let’s go to its features, will it hold on? Let’s check it out.

Pebble Steel Smartwatch

Well for the features, we all know that recently Pebble released the Pebble SDK, letting developers create apps for Pebble, this is great as more apps will be available for Pebble Steel and it is now compatible with all Pebble apps, but one drawback is the number of apps that you can run on Pebble it’s limited, one more thing about Pebble that makes it great is its compatibility with different platforms, its compatible with both iOS5+ and Android 2.3, like other smartphones it has the capability to support notifications and bunch of stuff without the need of getting your phone.

It has a quality make, it has a scratch resistant glass Corning Gorilla, plus 5ATM Waterproof, another feature is the new tri color status led and other features that makes it a true smartwatch. But its still early to say let’s see if the Moto360 will live up to its name as well as the Gear 2 once it’s out in the market, so far Pebble Steel is already rocking the wearable industry.

Pebble Steel Specs

Battery- Lithium-ion polymer battery lasts 5-7 days between charges. USB charging cable with magnetic connector included.

Case-46mm L x 34mm W x 10.5mm T

Weight- 1.97 oz (56g)*

Waterproofing – To 5ATM


Apps- Works with all Pebble apps

Notifications- RGB LED + phone

Materials-Marine grade stainless steel case


Leather (8-1/16 inches or 205mm long)
+ Metal (8.5 inches or 215mm, reducible to 160mm)

TPU rubber or silicone watchband




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