Pebble support for Android Wear Now Available

Good news to all Pebble users, according to Pebble they just added support for Android Wear, anyone with the Pebble smartwatch will be able to reply and take actions on Android Wear notifications.

Pebble for Android Wear

The final build for this support is now available, the integration of this support adds more capabilities to Pebble users, and the smartwatch got better with support for the Android Wear, plus Android and iOS.

CEO of Pebble is not yet open for the possibility of creating a smartwatch running Android Wear citing the wearable operating system is not optimized for wearable and it drains battery fast. Pebble will still stick with their OS and will continue improved its services, I guess this move of Pebble will hurt the market of Android Wear as users who plans to switch from Pebble to Android Wear might think twice with this new support for Android Wear.

Remember that Android Wear smartwatch only managed to sell more than 700,000 units of smartwatch, a small number considering the status of Android Wear, and manufacturers who support the OS. This number might drop soon this 2015 especially that Apple is going to launch their wearable soon.


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