Pebble Time Smartwatch Full Specifications

Pebble just unveiled a new smartwatch, this time Pebble will added a color to its cool smartwatch, the Pebble Time do have a color e-display plus it is equipped with microphone for responding to notification.

According to Pebble the new smartwatch is compatible with over 6,000 apps and has a much better UI with its  “timeline interface” UI. The color display is a huge jump of Pebble especially right now that most smartwatches right now do have a color display. Pebble choose the e-paper color display instead of LCD or OLED as it more readable plus it has a better power consumption.

Pebble Time Specifications

The new watch has a curve design and it’s available in three colors Black, White and Red watch case silicone band with black or silver PVD stainless steel bezel. I think the watch features are far more better than Android Wear and the 7 days batter life is amazing. Well for the look I guess the thick bezels is a turn off for me but the over-all the Pebble Time is a good smarwatch and much better to Android Wear smartwatches in the market, its no wonder why it raises over a million just hours after its announcement on KickStarter.

Specs and Features

Display: E-paper display

Thickness: 9.5mm, Dimensions: 0.37 inches (d)

Bluetooth: 4.0

Battery Life: 7 Days

Glass: scratch-resistant Gorilla

Water Resistant:

Features: Send a quick reply by dictation, compatible with .22 mm watch band, over 6,000 apps available, Tactile buttons for easy eyes-free clicking , Works with all Android 4.0+ phones including Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG, Google, Motorola, Xiaomi and more


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