Pipo C2 Smartwatch – affordable watch for you

A Chinese company Pipo is bringing a $32 dollar smartwatch in the market (199 yuan) the PiPO C2 smartwatch. The smartwatch gives the user the basic time display as well as users can received notifications and play music according to its features plus it has calendar, calculator and other options.

Pipo C2 Smartwatch

If you are looking for an affordable smartwatch and need the basic notification plus want a feature that you can listen to music the Pipo C2 might be for you. But don’t get excited yet, the watch will not run a popular OS such as Android Wear or Tizen nor the new LG WebOS. Instead Pipo might use an RTO.

Other features of the watch are pedometer function where you can record the number of steps, calories, speed, mileage and other sports information.  The watch connects with your phone via a Bluetooth connection with this you can use you watch as a remote camera, music player control, alarm. The watch according to the report will be available worldwide in the next few months.

What do you think worth the price?


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