Play Counter Strike on an Android Wear smartwatch

I thought I will never see this game again in a new device, but just like before I am wrong again.  A tech guy by the name of Dave Bennet was able to load the Counter Strike  game in a smartwatch, yes you can now play the first person shooting game in your Android Wear device, imagine the 3D graphics game is running on  watch that is about less than 1.5 inches.

Counter Strike on Android Wear
It seems stupid to play the game on a very small screen, but Bennet just showed us how far we have come, a game that runs on a huge desktop computer a decade ago is now running on a small device. Its really amazing to see the game running on a smartwatch, yes there are some lags but its a good demonstration on how powerful our device right now.

I’m pretty sure we will see this game again to the next generation device, 5 to 10 years from now, anyways, see the video of the Counter Strike Game on your Android Wear device.

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