Pocket App for AndroidWear Unveiled

Well Pocket is fast, they want to be in the first line of AndroidWear apps as they already unveiled their own app for AndroidWear, Pocket the leading company for save-for-later service, showed its prototype for AndroidWear, if you are not familiar with their app that is available for Android, iOS and other platform well it will let you save documents from the web, letting you read the content offline.

Pocket AndroidWear

You swipe, and an action pops up to save to Pocket. In a single tap, the article immediately becomes accessible in your list for whenever you have the time to go back and read it. – Max Weiner

With millions of downloads and members worldwide, the app is one of the most downloaded apps by readers in smartphone and tablet devices, and now it has entered the smartwatch section, their prototype app will let you save documents to smartphone with just a swipe right on your smartwatch, it is also designed for glancing information from your smartwatch without taking your phone out, it’s easy, pocket created a image slide show on how easy it is to save information directly from your smartwatch.