ProCamera 8 – Remote Trigger for Apple Watch

If you got an iPhone as well as an Apple watch, here is a recommended app for your Apple watch. ProCamera 8 +HDR a photo editor and video recording app in one. The ProCamera 8 has an extensive collection of filters (76 filters) to apply effects on your photos.

ProCamera 8 Apple watch-2 ProCamera 8 Apple watch

And now the app just got better with Apple watch support, now you can remote trigger your iPhone camera by tapping on your watch. Plus the Apple watch app has a remote view finder allowing you to preview the shot before capturing the moment.

Description: Get the best shot by using the Procameras on your watch. No need to reach out for your iPhone everytime that you take a photo. ProCamera 8 is all you that you need, it’s a perfect remote trigger for your iPhone.