Record  your Heart Rate with Hello Heart Apple Watch app

Are you into sports? Want to check your heart rate while working out? Or you  just have a heart problem and want to monitor it all the time.

“Best Heart Tracking app available for Apple Watch”

Hello Heart app an Apple watch app that monitors your heart bit in real time, the app is a companion app that monitors your blood pressure, it records all the vital signs by taking advantage of the Apple watch built-in sensor feature. The app makes your Apple watch more than just a notification center and companion app for your iPhone but also makes it a good health tool in your arsenal.

Hello Heart Apple watch


Enables you to add new BP directly from your wrist in an easy, quick way.

Send you subtle notifications that people around you will not see or hear that reminds you to log your BP daily

Hello Heart “glance” gives you a quick look at how you’re doing all the time.

Description: Hello Heart is your “go-to” app for all of your health care data! It helps you track your day-to-day blood pressure readings and provides easy tips and explanations to help you understand and improve your health.


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