Rediscovering Grace Kelly on the Internet

Grace Kelly epitomized a certain kind of timeless elegance, a style that stands out and retains its allure generation after generation. Her name perfectly suited her, as she was an eternally graceful presence who wore her sophisticated style lightly. She simply made it all seem easy.

In her short Hollywood career, she quickly became a major star in the 50s with her cool beauty and elegance. Her smile and panache lit up several major films, and she co-starred with the top stars of the day, including Gary Cooper, in “High Noon,” Clark Gable and Ava Gardner in “Mogambo,” Jimmy Stewart in “Rear Window” and Cary Grant in “To Catch a Thief.” Alfred Hitchcock, who directed her in several of his most memorable films, was reportedly so entranced by her he was driven to recreate her cool blonde beauty with several actresses who followed her, including Kim Novak and Tippi Hedren.

The Princess died in a tragic car accident in Monaco in 1982. Though she left us far too soon, lovely Grace, the stunning movie star who became a real-life princess when she married Prince Rainier of Monaco in 1956, has a quality of eternal loveliness that lives on in the Internet age. Her fans have never forgotten her, and celebrate her life and beauty in several online Internet sites.

Here’a a couple of the best Internet sites celebrating the life of the loveliest of movie princesses: — A fan site not affiliated with Princess Grace’s family or any official organization, this site celebrates the life and career of the Princess with a timeline of photos and a career overview. A virtual candy box of Grace Kelly information, this site will be enjoyed for hours by true fans. — This “reel” movie site boasts wonderful stills from some of Kelly’s greatest film roles, as well as pics of the original movie posters from the 50’s.

Both of these sites offer links to many more Grace Kelly Internet sites, so they’re a wonderful starting point for online research. Be sure to visit soon!

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