[Report] LG G Watch to Come with HomeChat App

We all know that LG G smartwatch powered by Androidwear is coming, LG has been preparing for the big day, as the LG G watch will be the first smartwatch powered by Androidwear to be release to the public.

LG G Smartwatch photo

There are reports circulating that the LG G smartwatch is coming with HomeChat App an app that helps users manage LG Home appliances and electronics. According to the report LG want to use the LG G smartwatch to control the smart home appliances especially the LG devices, the HomeChat app in LG G smartwatch might be integrated with voice recognition technology, and other features that makes it easy for users to activate and deactivate home appliances via a voice command on the LG G smartwatch. So far it might compete with Apple’s HomeKit and Samsung’s Smart Home, remember that Samsung demoed its smart home and showed how the Gear 2 smartwatch control the devices inside the house by voice activation.

The LG G smartwatch is expected to be unveiled in the upcoming Google I/O Developers Conference on June 25, 2014.


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