[RUMOR] Samsung Androidwear Smartwatch Expected to be in I/O Developers Conference

The I/O Developers Conference is just a few days away, the news about Androidwear wearables is the headline in most tech websites, the talk about the Androidwear device is more on the LG G smartwatch that is certainly will make an appearance on the Google’s I/O Developers conference, and the Moto360 is rumored to be demoed on the said event.

Samsung smartwatch

So far the Androidwear is the highlight of I/O Developers Conference it is where we are going to learn the price, full specs and other features of LG G smartwatch as well as Moto360.

But there are rumors circulating that Samsung will not let all the fun goes to LG and Motorola as Samsung is also planning to demo their own smartwatch powered by Androidwear, based on the report Samsung smartwatch might be the Samsung Galaxy Wear, a much more smaller smartwatch compared to its Gear 2 counterpart. So far it’s all rumors but we all know about Samsung they will not allow to be left behind especially when it comes to latest devices.

Who do you think will have more fans in the I/O Developers Conference will it be Samsung? Moto360 or LG G smartwatch?

Stay tuned for more reports on the Samsung Androidwear smartwatch

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