Samba Glance Preview of Video Messaging app for Android Wear

If you want to see some of the video messages on an Android Wear watch, well it’s going to available soon in your device.

Samba just announced that their video messaging app that can record video responses and send us a video messages will be coming to wearables. The app will let users receive short video previews on your Android Wear smartwatch.

The Samba app is not a separate app but an extension of the app on the Android phone, according to the report the app is the first app to play a video on Android Wear smartwatches. Users can preview the part of the full video from smartphone on their wrist, which gives the user a convenient way of checking the video messages from their wrist and decide whether to disregard it or not.

The support of Samba app is a smart way to save time for the users, anyways we still don’t know if when will be the availability of the app, but we are pretty sure it will be included in the list of our fave Android Wear apps.

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