Samsung Galaxy Wear Trademark Registered by Samsung

The new trademark registered by Samsung hint that this might be the Androidwear version of Samsung, although Samsung used the Tizen in its smartwatches, Samsung revealed that they have plans to release a smartwatch running Google’s Androidwear.

The trademark Galaxy Wear might be the Androidwear version, and Samsung might used the Gear trademark for its Tizen operating system, Samsung applied for trademarking “Galaxy Wear” at the Korean Intellectual Property Office giving a hint that this is the Androidwear version.


Remember that Samsung also filed a patent on a round smartwatch similar to Google’s Moto360, the smartwatch the patent also shows a UI similar to Androidwear, is this the Samsung Galaxy Wear? Anyways let’s wait and see, according to the report Samsung might release the Androidwear smartwatch at the end of summer.


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