Samsung Gear 3 Coming to IFA 2014

We have seen Samsung presented a lot of wearables this year, we saw the Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo along with Gear Fit in the market in just period of months, after the Galaxy Gear and of course in just a matter of few months after the Gear 2 powered by Tizen, Samsung enter the wearable arena once again with its Gear Live for Android Wear.

IFA 2014

And now rumors suggest that Samsung is planning to unveil another wearable this coming IFA 2014, the next smartwatch might be the Samsung Gear 3 and unlike the previous smartwatches this time the wearable will have a curved AMOLED display and much more crispier plus Samsung might just remove the camera based on the report, that has been the unique features on its smartwatches.

No words on the operating system probably it will run the Android Wear operating system, this is not just the smartwatch that might enter the arena in IFA 2014 report suggest that Samsung might unveil another wearable reportedly the Samsung Gear Solo a SIM capable smartwatch, there is a possibility that Samsung might used its homegrown O.S Tizen for it as Android Wear don’t support the SIM card option, not yet.


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