Samsung Gear S – Looks Cool but Huge

Samsung again released a new wearable so far, it’s the company that tops when it comes to variety of smartwatches in the market, nope their not spamming, just want to test the different designs and the pulse of users when it comes to the design that they wanted for a smartwatch and ultimately might release a fully and good looking smartwatch in the market… hopefully.

Samsung Gear S white



Recently they unveiled the Samsung Gear S, it reached the top when it comes to aesthetic department but incredibly large, its huge I am hoping that it might still have the same size with the Gear 2 but it’s not this one do have a huge body somewhat like a semi phone on your wrist not on the context of its features but physical design.

Anyways we can’t deny the fact that the new wearable really looks good yes it’s the first smartwatch to have a curved display beautifully done by Samsung, another feature that makes it more appealing is the option of having a SIM card slot, yes this smartwatch doesn’t need a phone to work, so far smartwatches in the market needs a smartphone companion to work, with the Samsung Gear S it will work without phone, making it the ultimate companion for fitness adventure.

So far the Samsung Gear S will be introduce in the market this October worldwide release, the sales will tell if the watch really made a good impression to the public and it’s the determining factor of smartwatches with SIM features if it will really have a slice in the tech market.

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