Samsung Gear S2 Adapter Available in Samsung Store

if you are looking for an adapter for Gear S2, it is now available for sale at the Samsung Store. If you don’t want the sport strap on your Gear S2, you can now swap it for a classic traditional strap siilar to Gear S2 classic.


The band adapter is available in different colors, so expect that your Gear S2 will be elegant classic looking. So far the watch band adapter is available only in few countries but expect to have it available in your nearest Samsung Store. I think its a good move by Samsung as the adapter will give more options for the Gear S2 users, with the adapter users can buy their own or use their previous watch band that is compatible with the size of the Samsung Gear S2. With this they can more personalized their Gear S2 without relying so much to the Samsung’s Gear S2 product accessories.

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