Samsung Gear S2 in 18 Karat Gold and Platinum

Samsung is not yet contented in the beauty of Samsung Gear S2, after the designer watch strap, Samsung unveiled additional color variant of Samsung Gear S2, this time it is in classy platinum and 18 karat rose gold.

Samsung Gear S2 in 18 Karat Gold and Platinum

The smartwatch Platinum and Rose gold is in a luxury category, the beauty of 18 karat Rose gold is very pronounced while the Platinum makes the Gear S2 classic look elegant. The addition of two colors givers the buyers more choices, but of course there will be additional cost.

Aside from the 2 flavors, Samsung also confirmed the availability of Samsung Gear S2 for iOS devices specifically iPhones, according to Samsung the smartwatch app (Gear Manager app) that will connect the iOS device to Samsung Gear S2 will be available later this year.


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