Samsung Smartwatch Running AndroidWear Coming Soon

We all thought that Samsung will abandon Android in favor of their homegrown operating system Tizen this theory came up after Samsung used the Tizen O.S for their smartwatch Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo instead of Android, but a recent interview on one of the executives of Samsung tell that this theory is all just rumors, during an interview he stated that Samsung will also release a smartwatch running Androidwear in the end of 2014, he even stated that their main business still revolves on Android.


“Our Main Business will still revolves around Android”

I think this is true as abandoning Android for Tizen is very risky as Tizen is still and unproven operating system for Mobile phone although it has a bright future compared to Windows and other O.S trying to get a slice of the market. So far Android is on the lead and Samsung is one of its leading benefactor earning billions from its Samsung smartphone running Android, but the chief executive did not rule out the possibility of using Tizen as its main O.S and stated that 15% of its smartphone shipment should compose of Tizen O.S, in order for Tizen to succeed.

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