Shop Watch Faces with Watch Face market for Android Wear 

So far apps for Android Wear is dominated by watch faces, from digital to analog Google Play is flooded with different designs and features.

Watch Face Market for Android Wear-2

But so far only few watch faces do have the quality and professional look. If you are looking for a classy looking watch face, head down to Watch Face Market for Android Wear, an app with tons of quality watch faces for Android Wear, download high quality 3D watch face that looks realistic, with its shadows, highlights, gradients, halftones.

It supports ambient mode and night mode, the watch face is compatible with most Android Wear devices such as Moto 360, LG G Watch R, Sony Smartwatch 3, Asus ZenWatch.


 Realistic watch faces 
Our watch faces are developed according to all modern requirements for 3D images. Shadows,highlights, gradients, halftones create the impression of traditional mechanical watches.

Night mode

The unique night mode adapts the image brightness of the watch face depending on the time of the day. It makes looking at the watch face really comfortable even in the complete darkness.

Burn-in protection 

All watch faces are developed in such a way as to protect the screen of your watch from burn-in. We want your device to perform at its best!

Full ambient mode 

Our watch faces remain perfectly functional and display the time correctly even when they are in the energy saving mode. The Google recommendations for prolonging their hours of operation are also taken into consideration.

Download the App now at Google Play

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