SleepDebt App – Best for your Fitbit Band

Having trouble sleeping? Want to know your sleep habit? Well there is an app for that, introducing SleepDebt, an app for analyzing your sleep pattern, with the app for your fitbit wristband it will monitor your sleep habit, it will notify you if when is the best time to sleep, as well as wake you up when the time is right. The app is a smart one as it will analyze your sleep data with accuracy.

Sleep Debt app

If you want to track your sleep, the SleepDebt is the app for you, features includes counting your nap, has an alarm function to wake you app as well as sms reminder for telling you when to sleep, you can view all this stats.

Sleep Debt Tool


SleepDebt connects with your  Fibit to analyze your sleep data. Set what time you want to wake up and how many hours of sleep you are aiming for, and the number cruncher will let you know what time you should go to sleep in order to clear your sleep debt.


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