Sonostar SmartWatch –Sporty Smartwatch with A Curved Touchscreen

We have seen several smartwatches just popping up in the market this year I guess everyone wanted to have a slice of the pie, there are a lot of cool designs and features for a smartwatch but so far the Gear 2 is the one reigning supreme when it comes to smartwatch.

But if you are looking for other brand with great features and looks the Sonostar smartwatch is a good choice it has a curved touchscreen and very fashionable. It is a cool looking smartwatch with good features, so far it has an E-Paper Touch screen technology about 1.73” gray e-Paper screen with a high resolution of up 240 x 320 pixels, it has athe social community “Sono Golf” is a specialized App developed for Sonostar. Golfers can share their scorecards and compete with others on this platform as well as enabling viewing and checking the GPS satellite layout and color course layout on “Sono Golf” platform, well that’s cool. Just like other smartwatches it can also track your cycling and running and all the running and cycling data recorded are synced to “Sono Sports”

SonoStar Smartwatch

Plus you can also get notifications of incoming calls, messages, e-mails, tweets, reminders, sports apps, and music control, with this smartwatch and one thing that we are interested is that you only need to charge once a week, for the Sonostar Smartwatch will last at least a week with a typical usage.

So far so good we just don’t know if the smartwatch do have third party support or other available apps from developers but if you want a smartwatch that last for a week and just need common notifications, the Sonostar might be for you.


  • Curved Touch Screen
  • Compatible with iOS and Android
  • Sunlight Readable
  • e-Paper Display
  • Power-Efficent
  • High Resolution


Display: 1.73″ Gray e-paper screen   320*240 pixel

Power: Typical Usage: 5-7 Days Standby: 1 Month Charge via included micro USB cable

Compatibility: Android 2.3 and higher iOS 6 and higher

Weight and Measurement

Height: 49 mm Width: 38 mm Thickness: 11 mm Weight: 63 g

Color: White and Black


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