Sony Smartwatch 3 Debut with Android Wear

Although Sony said before that they are not interested in releasing a smartwatch powered by Android Wear, and instead continue to develop and improve their existing fork Android, but seems like there is a sudden change of mind, Sony just unveiled their new smartwatch in IFA 2014 powered by Android Wear, the Sony Smartwatch 3.

The Smartwatch 3 runs Android Wear O.S but much more focus on sports packed with different sensors, the new watch do have a smaller form factor it has 1.6 inch 320 x 320 resolution LCD transreflective screen. It is also waterproof so you don’t need to worry when rains caught you while on training it receives rated IP68. Its built in GPS is also good to keep you track while working out.

Sony Smarwatch 3 with Android Wear

It has a 4 GB built in storage and with bluetooth connection if you want to connect it to Bluetooth speakers if you want to listen to some music. It also has a Lifelog app downloadable from Google Play Store to let user record and track their fitness history, you can set and enables achieve goals, bookmark memorable moments, and revisit memories any time.

Well it will be available in Classic (Black) and Sport (Lime) editions, with extra colour straps available in Pink and White and will cost around €229.


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