SoundCloud for Apple Watch

SoundCloud the app for iPhone that let you find new and trending music, just added support for Apple watch.

Its app for iPhone let you collect tracks and playlist, discover podcasts, comedy and news. The support for Apple watch makes it easy to identify song with just a swipe from your watch.

SoundCloud for Apple watch SoundCloud for Apple watch 2

The Apple watch app will show you the “Now Playing” on the screen with title, the artist as well as the artwork. So far we did not encounter any issues installing the app, so far so good and enjoying how the app works with our Apple watch.

If you are not familiar with the app for iPhone as well as Apple watch well here are some of its notable features

  • Search directly for tracks, artists and other users
  • Listen to your stream wherever you are using WiFi or data
  • Create & listen to playlists
  • Search directly for tracks, artists and other users


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