SoundHound – Music and Lyrics on your Apple Watch

Download this useful app for Apple watch, “SoundHound with Live Lyrics on your Apple watch. Sing and get in tune with your favorite song right on your Apple Watch.

SoundHound Lyrics for Apple watch SoundHound Lyrics for Apple watch-2

The SoundHound can be pretty useful especially if you hear the music you love and forgot the lyrics or the title of it. The SoundHound will help you get in tune with the song you like. Its Apple Watch version allows you to just tap on the orange button, hum or sing the song to search for the lyrics of the song. So far it is one of our favorite app in Apple watch. If you are a music lover this app should be in your top list.

Description: Search and indentify the music that you love, tap the orange button to identify the song, see the lyrics scrolling on the screen of your Apple watch. You can also view, purchased, streamed, share right on your Apple watch.


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