Swatch Touch Zero One Full Specifications

Swatch Touch Zero One is one of the decent fitness tracking watch that you can buy in the market. The smartwatch Swatch Touch Zero One is a fully featured fitness tracking watch it has watch notification, heart rate monitor, distance, calorie tracking, and even sleep monitoring activity. If you are looking for a dedicated smartwatch for fitness tracking the Swatch might be a good one to pick. See the features below and the full specification of the Swatch Touch Zero One

Swatch Touch Zero One Fitness Smartwatch 

Features: Activate beach volleyball mode, Activate fan mode, Activate the step counter, Set a goal, Activate Bluetooth, Chrono, Set the date, Set the time, Set a timer, Set the alarm, Change settings

Tracking Features

  • Activity/Inactivity
  • Calorie Intake (Nutrition)
  • Calories Burned
  • Distance
  • Elevation/Stairs
  • Steps
  • Exercise Tagging
  • Heart Rate
  • Mood
  • Sleep Quality
  • Sleep Time



Compatible Devices: Mobile Device

Mobile Syncing Options: Bluetooth 4.0 (Smart)

Compatible Platforms: iOS, Android

Key Specs

User Interface   LCD Screen

Weather Resistance       Water Proof

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