Swim with your Apple Watch with  Catalyst Waterproof Case

Apple watch is dust proof and waterproof according to its specification, it is IP68 making it fully protected from dust and water. With this specs and features Apple is still not advising users of Apple Watch to let your watch get wet.(we wonder why).

Catalyst_Apple_Watch Case

Well if you are a beach goer, a swimmer and you do have an Apple Watch this might be your chance to bring the watch with you in the beach or a pool. Introducing Catalyst Apple watch case, an Apple watch case that is said to be the first case to make your watch waterproof, truly waterproof.

The case is made by Catalyst a well known maker of cases for different phones, well you might say that this case might block the sensor of your Apple watch, but according to Catalyst the design of the case don’t hamper the performance of the sensors. If you are interested the watch is available in black, green and white colours. Right now it is available for pre-order it cost $59.99 in Catalyst website.


  • Every unit tested IP-68 waterproof
  • Designed to meet MIL-SPEC 810G for drops
  • Ultra slim profile compliments Apple’s sleek design
  • Exposed face for direct access to the touchscreen
  • Features the signature Catalyst rotating crown dial that adds a pop of stylized color to perfectly accent your watch and Catalyst waterproof case.
  • All features fully functional including heart rate sensors, charging dock, microphone and speaker.

See Specs and Price

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