Tag Heuer Reportedly Planning to have their own smartwatch

It’s not that tech giants and tech kickstarters that are interested in creating a smartwatch, well known watch companies are also planning to release their own smartwatches this year or next, remember that Fossil one of the famous watch maker also say a nod on having its own smartwatch, and believed to have already talked with Microprocessor giant Intel about their plans with its own version of smartwatch.


And now another luxury brand watch will enter the arena, introducing Tag Heuer , the company according to the report is planning to have their own version but won’t go for the watch design that is somewhat related to Apple’s smartwatch, based on the report Jean-Claude Biver  of Tag Heuer want a different type of smartwatches, the only thing that worries them  is the smartwatches limited life span, maybe the build quality and the battery and of course as we all know technology changes so fast, and Tag Heuer and other luxury watch makers are not a fond of devices that has a short life, Tag Heuer is known for its build quality, its watches that span a decades.



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