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Moto360 Smartwatch Full Specifications

With stainless steel case with renowned Horween leather the Moto360 is the sexiest smartwatch of them all, finally after several months of anticipation the Moto360 is here, it looks good and running the Android Wear O.S, the new smartwatch do have an …
Moto360 Features and Specs

Moto360 Features Revealed on Best Buy

I don’t know if this is just a tactic for further promotion or Best Buy made a mistake for publishing the content of Moto360 right away in preparation for the upcoming launch. Anyway whatever the reason is the features as well as …
Moto360 Watch Face design face off

Battle: 10 Best Androidwear Watch Face for Moto360

The judgment is getting closer for the best Androidwear smartwatch design, now there are 10 entries left for the best Moto360 Androidwear watch face, on the Google+ page its “Moto 360 Design Face-Off Top 10 Finalist”. Moto360 posted the 10 finalist for …