i-Blason Case with Strap Band in One for Apple Watch

To case or not to case that is the question, there are a lot of debate on whether it is useless to add/protect your Apple watch with a case, there is no need to put one they say, it is just a waste of money etc etc.

i-Blason Apple watch case

But based on my experienced if you are into sports a protective case is a must to protect your watch from accidental bumps and scratches. If you are looking for one you might want to check this Apple watch rugged protective case with strap in one. A protective case for sporty people to protect the Apple watch from getting worn out fast.

i-Blason a case with a strap in one, I think having a protective case and a strap band in one is a good design as you don’t need to buy a different case and strap, an all in one design is good as changing the strap and case is much easier and provide much needed protection.

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