Tizen SDK Released Beta 1.0

Samsung is pushing its Tizen operating into the market, and as expected they released the Tizen SDK for developers to create apps for Tizen smartwatch, the Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo, the new SDK will let developers create apps for the said device. SO far the SDK is in beta 1 version and it’s now available for download.

The Tizen SDK has a broad  set of tools for developing apps for smartwatch powered by Tizen operating system, with the SDK the developers can create fast and compact apps for the smartwatch, it consist of IDE, Emulator and some too chain plus sample applications and documentation to get you started.

Gear 2 Tizen SDK

The Tizen SDK for Wearable allows you to develop the following types of Gear applications:

  • Linked (Master-Follower)
  • Integrated
  • Standalone

If you want to download and try it out, you can download the Tizen SDK in several platforms, it is available in Windows, Ubuntu, Mac OS X.


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