TomTom Runner Cardio GPS SmartWatch

Are you into sports? Looking for a smartwatch that may suit your needs? Well here is the TomTom Runner Cardio GPS sport watch, the smarwatch is a sport watch that focuses on how you run and improve your performance, the new smartwatch is the only sportwatch aside from Gear 2 to have a built in heart rate eliminating the heart rate accessories that you might need to strap on your body.

The TomTom runner looks great very sporty and it’s packed with tons of features, it provide an accurate real time metrics to help you understand how your body behave and acts when you exercise.

TomTom Runner Cardio GPS SmartWatch

According to TomTom the Runner Cardio sport watch will help those exercise buff users to  monitor their activity,  it will help them easily train in the optimal heart rate zone, with options at least 5 intensity zones to match their training goals and as well as receive alerts.

Heart Rate Zones are:

Sprint: mostly used as part of interval training.

Speed: high tempo training to improve your speed and fitness.

Endure: moderate to high tempo training to improve your lung and heart capacity.

Fat Burn: moderate tempo training, great for weight loss.

Easy: easy tempo training, mostly used for warm-up and cool down

The watch is a great companion when you exercise as it has an extra-large display but has a slim form factor and light weight, it has 8 hours of battery life or more depending on the usage, it has a Bluetooth Smart to connect it wirelessly to sensors, and its water resistant. It is also Multi-Platform sport watch as it is compatible with other platforms such as MapMyFitness, RunKeeper, TrainingPeaks and Strava. So if you are a fan of a sportwatch the TomTom Runner Cardio is a must pick.

The TomTom Runner Cardio is available to order today on for $269. There is also a Multi-Sport Cardio sport watch available for $299.


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