U.S Patent Reveals Moto360 Like Smartwatch by Samsung

A U.S patent unveils a Moto360 like smartwatch filed by Samsung, the new design shows a rounded smartwatch, anyway you might say that Samsung is copying the Moto360, but guys rounded watch has been existing for hundreds of years, anyways the design shows that It might not be just a wrist smartwatch but also convertible to a pocket smartwatch, a key chain. On the figures it even has a capability to read codes to check out the price of the product.

The design is somewhat sporty with removable strap, based on the patent images it looks more like the UI is far more advance compare to Gear 2. The patent also revealed a gesture based smartwatch making it smarter compared to the existing smartwatch right now in the market and much better I think with Moto360.

Samsung Moto360 smartwatch patent

So far no one knows if when is will be the release date of this smartwatch or what will be the operating system of rounded smartwatch by Samsung, one thing is for sure this smartwatch if it will  materialized is a game changer.

Samsung smartwatch rounded design

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