[Video] Moto 360 Tear Down See What’s Inside the Moto360

iFixtiT showed the inner parts of the Moto360 with its Tear Down demo, it shows the inner circuit and how the Moto360’s build, so far iFixIt gave a positive comment on the craftsmanship of the Moto360, it is manufactured and well packed no wonder why it got the IP67 Rating.

The Moto360 shows some of its chips that are mostly made by Texas Instruments, although there are some few controversy on the 300mAh battery that is supposed to be 320mAh, Motorola already cleared the issue (just a labeling matters). The Moto360 is glued together that makes it hard to repair once there is a problem, the charging port was also tear down to show how it interact with the Moto360 wireless charging features.

When it comes to repairability score the Moto360 scored 3 out of 10, meaning it’s hard to repair and replace other parts of the Moto360 but this is expected as Motorola already says it’s hard to remove all the parts without a special tool. Anyways if you want to see the inner soul of the Moto360 check out the video below of iFixiT.

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