[Video] This is the First Swimming App for Apple Watch 

To all swimmers out there this might be the answer to your dream, having a personal trainer app on your swimming lessons, a perfect app for swimmers, but there is a problem it might not be approved in Apple Store according to the report.

Swimming app for Apple Watch

Yes the Apple Watch has an IP certification IPX7, meaning your watch it waterproof for about 3.28 feet. With this certification the Apple Watch can withstand some  water spill or even accidentally dropping it in 2 to 3 feet of water. But even with this certification Apple don’t recommend you to let your watch get wet especially swimming with your watch which this developer is doing, Ted Bradley developed an app for swimmers dubbed the first swimming app for Apple Watch, see video.

Ted Bradley was able to create apps that can record your laps as well as the distance covered, it’s a pretty useful app but Apple might not allow it in the Apple Store not yet, on their rules they will not allow an app that might contribute or cause damage to the device.


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