Wake Up Well – Make your Android Wear watch an Alarm Clock

If you are looking for an alarm app for your Android Wear watch, “Wake Up Well” is a good pick for your Android Wear device.

Wake Up Well is not just any other alarm clock for Android Wear, the app has a cool algorithm that wakes you app at an optimal time avoiding sudden wake up that ruin your sleep and mood. The app detects the best wakeup time for you, giving you a good mood, wake up fresh, animated and more energized, compared to a traditional alarm clock that based on the study is hazardous to your health.

With the Wake Up Well the app wake you app gently via vibration, improving your sleep and you are much more relax.


Transform your Android Wear watch into a smart alarm clock that lets you wake up well.
Wake up alert and in the right mood! Based on maximising the science of sleep, Wake Up Well has been designed to wake you up at the optimal time

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