Watch Makers Hunting Watch Faces that Mimics their design

Smartwatch wearables is a huge hit due to tons of features and options that you can do with it, you can received notifications, access apps and other handy features.

One of the best features of a smartwatch is the watch face, it allows you to personalized your own watch face making your watch unique, you can even have different watch face everyday or every hour with the help of an app, making you feel like you always have a new watch everyday. It is even the reason why some of the users bought a smartwatch in the first place, even as we speak watch faces apps are flooding the app store, it is the number one downloaded apps in the app store.

And now branded watch maker is taking notice about it, especially that there are hundreds of watch faces designs that mimics the branded watch like Rolex, Omega, Fossils, tag Heuer and other companies.

According to the report, watch companies are requesting app makers to stop creating watch faces that mimics their watch, they even resort on sending takedown requests” that violates copyrights. We just don’t know if they already contacted Google or Samsung regarding the copyright infringement of these watch faces app. If watch makers pursue their plan we might see the end of watch faces that mimics branded watches.

Source: TorrentFreak

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