Watch Quest Game for Apple Watch

We got some new amazing games for Apple watch, several companies already introduce their game app for the smartwatch. So far most of the apps are in health and fitness and messaging.

Watch Quest for Apple Watch-2

Well one of the categories that we expect to be busy with downloads is the game app section. One of the companies who jump in the bandwagon in game app for Apple watch is WayForward Technologies, the company introduced the game Watch Quest, said to be the first adventure game for Apple watch, your objective to guide the hero, into an adventure, battles monster and even solve puzzles.

It is remain to be seen if how the game works in the very small screen of the Apple Watch, but the main issue just here is if how the game will affect the power of Apple watch considering that it will only last a day or two with the normal usage.

The company behind the Watch Quest is an experienced game developer with successful games made for iOS like  including Adventure Time, Batman titles, Shantae. So expect to have some fun with the Watch Quest for Apple watch, on April 24, 2015.


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