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Are you a health conscious person? Do always monitor your health especially your liquid intake? Well if you are this kind of person or want to be like, here is a health app for you, a very useful app that monitors your daily intake of water.

Water Reminder for Gear Fit an app that manage your daily liquid intake, it alerts you with notification right on your Gear Fit device, shows you about your current intake of water, it also calculates how much water you need or how much water you already drink for the day, it is a very useful app as it shows your daily activity, alerts you of the missing amount of liquid, as well as shows you how much water you already drink via a clear and precise graph.

The app shows icons and details for its settings making it easy to configure and set the water parameters. See more details about the Water Reminder app below for Gear Fit.

Water Reminder for Fit device (Playboard) | Water Reminder for Fit device (Play Store)

Name: Water Reminder for Fit device


WaterReminder will help you manage your daily demand for liquids. Using your individual profile, level of activity and daily weather this application calculates your demand for water. WaterReminder will remind you about missing amount of liquid, if necessary, using built-in notification.


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