WaterMinder Apple Watch App – Water Reminder app for your smartwatch

Do you always forget to drink water? Well with this app that is not an issue anymore, WaterMinder app a cool app that reminds you to drink water, keeps hydrated and get healthy.

WaterMinder for Apple watch WaterMinder for Apple watch-2

This Apple watch app is a cool one to have for your Apple watch, make it more useful and better with this health app for your Apple watch. The app features a visualization of water levels to see whether you are drinking enough or not. It’s a pretty neat app to keep healthy.


Main Features

  • Clean visual view of your current water fill
  • Simple, quick and easy to use interface (just tap on 1 icon and a menu opens with your options to log/track your water intake)
  • Pre-defined cups for quick tracking
  •  Create custom cups
  •  Create unlimited custom reminders



Get help with WaterMinder, an easy, intuitive app to track your water intake. Based on your body weight (or your personal goal), WaterMinder will remind you to drink water to reach your daily goals.



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