Wear Apps Manager for Wear

We love this app for Android Wear that we decided to share it to the readers, so far the number one problem of users besides the battery is the fragmented apps on their Android Wear device, sometimes after testing and trying to install different category of apps for Android Wear, users sometimes forgot to manage their apps leaving different unused apps in their phone.

This problem has now a solution, introducing the Wear Apps manager for Wear, it allows you to launch and uninstall app for Android Wear, see the list of Android Wear apps on your mobile phone, see their details and decided whether to let the app stay on your smartwatch or uninstall it.

Wear Apps Manager for Wear (Playboard) | Wear Apps Manager for Wear (Play Store)

Anyways the app is free so no worries about checking it out see more details about the app below:

 Wear Apps manager for Wear

Made to the management of the Android Wear apps installed on your phone or tablet this app.
Wear the app installed on your phone by showing only help so you can easily Launch, Setting Info or delete.


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