Wear Translator for Android Wear

Here is a recommended app for Android Wear, Wear Translator app, if you are looking for a language translator for Android Wear the Wear Translator can do the job, the language app translator can translate English to 11 languages, the list of supported languages are Spanish, German, French, Italian, English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish and Dutch.

Wear Translator (Playboard) | Wear Translator (Play Store)

Take note to be able to hear the translation you still need your phone, as first generation Android Wear smartwatches don’t have the speaker, hope to hear the translation on the Android Wear watch itself, this will be possible when Android Wear watches with built in speaker will be in the market soon. Anyways the app works good and function properly, but the translation depends upon your phone’s text to speech engine, but still it works ok so check it out.

Requires an Android Wear device and an internet connected phone. Important: Your phone and wear app must be set to English since the app translates from English to other languages.


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