Wearable Widgets for Android Wear

Wearable Widgets now on Android Wear, the app simple put the home screen widget of your Android phone right on your Android Wear smartwatch. The app supports the LG G and the Samsung Gear Live, if you are planning to but the Moto360 don’t worry the app will also going to be available on the watch when its out.

It’s a great app for those who wanted to have their favorite widgets from their smartphone to their Android Wear device, with the app you can put your favorite weather widgets, clock widgets, news widgets and more. It’s a great app for those who wanted their Android Wear device personalized. If you are interested check out the details below about the app. If you want to install just simply install the Wearable Widgets app on your phone; doing so should automatically configure your watch to receive widgets.

 Name: Wearable Widgets

Developer: Penjual Udell Enterprises Inc


Android Wear

Wearable Widgets is available as a native app on Android Wear, bringing any home screen widget from your paired Android phone to your watch. It currently supports the square faces of the LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live.

Wearable Widgets (Playboard) | Wearable Widgets (Play Store)

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